CBD Extra Strength Premium Starter Kit

Get more out of CBD. If you’re looking for stronger products, then this kit is for you. The CBD products
in our Extra Strength Premium Starter Kit are twice as potent as the ones in the regular Premium Starter Kit. Inside, you’ll find three of Nature’s Ultra’s best-loved products, along with a brochure answering some of the most commonly asked questions about CBD. What is included in the kit?

• Calm CBD Roll-On, 600 mg

• Citrus CBD Oil, 1,000 mg

• CBD Muscle Rub, 600 mg

• Getting Started with CBD brochure

Item No.: 31514
Wholesale Price: $250
PV: 175 How to Order: On January 18, order in the Virtual Office under Member Benefits > Opportunity Products

This Starter Kit is available for purchase only by new enrollees in the U.S. market and may not be purchased by existing members. This Starter Kit is eligible for the $25 Fast Start Bonus.

Dr. Nozella Brown